Daylight Savings Starts

Hello again friends,
This is just a friendly reminder that tonight daylight savings time begins once again. Although most of our clocks now will automatically SPRING AHEAD, there may be some of us that still need to do it BY HAND.
Have a great and blessed day in the Lord.


Wednesday Night Study

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Welcome to the Wednesday night Bible study. I am glad that you were able to join us for the meeting this evening. In this video we will be going over Galatians chapter 3 reviewing the topic of “the law vs faith.”
Click on the video below to begin watching the study. If you loose this page you can find it again from the home page under the latest posts section.
Lord bless you all and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Pastor Craig Jones

Hope After Death Found in the Gospel


Is death the end of all things? Is there hope after the grave? The Holy Bible which is God’s word provides answers to this life-long question. Without this foundation we may think that death is the end and that there is no hope for life after death.  

Are you looking for HOPE after death? Has the loss of a loved one brought more questions than answers to your heart? This graveside presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a great start for those hurting to find hope through the words of the Holy Bible in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Tito Diaz presents a special graveside Gospel message encouraging HOPE for the hurting in Jesus Christ.
Friend, we urge you to watch this video message of HOPE and contact us at BBT to further encourage you on your road to a healed heart.

Sunday, July 5

Pastor José O. Rodríguez

Sunday, June 28

Brother John Patton

Sunday, May 31

Pastor José O. Rodríguez

Sunday, May 24

Pastor José O. Rodríguez


Sunday, April 19

Pastor José O. Rodríguez


Do You Believe?

Thank you for visiting BBT. Here is a special message just for YOU our visitor.

Pastor José O. Rodríguez invites you to believe on the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Will you believe today that the Son of God died on a cross, was buried, and resurrected for your salvation?

Welcome To Bible Baptist Temple


Pastor’s Welcome

Welcome to Bible Baptist Temple!
We desire that you walk from our church with a fulfillment never before experienced. We consider your visit a privileged appointment designed to have special significance in your life.
Consider yourself among friends today. Please join in or take the opportunity to observe and enjoy your time with us. Should you have any questions or concerns, please know that we are here for you.
We endeavor to reach many with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Daily people slip through the cracks with great needs. Through the direction of the Holy Spirit, with a heart of compassion, we covet to Bridge the Gaps and Repair the Broken Places in your life.
Thank you and Welcome!
Pastor Jose O. Rodriguez