Bible Conference 2022 Video

Sunday Night Service at BBT


May I just say “thank you!” Thank you to Dr Sam Gipp for visiting and sharing the word of God with us during this year’s Bible Conference. I would also like to say thank you all who came out and participated in the blessing and in being a blessing with your presence at this past weekend’s conference. Dr Gipp, we have been left with some great biblical challenges to fervently read our Bibles with more frequency, to totally surrender our lives to the able hands of our Lord, and to a remember the great price at which Jesus Christ purchased our earthly plot.


Please feel free to share with us your encouragement after viewing these videos.


Please follow the links for Friday and Saturday sessions of the Bible Conference:
Friday Evening Service at Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church – King James Conference with Sam Gipp – Sept 23, 2022
Saturday Afternoon Service at Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church – King James Conference – Dr. Sam Gipp Saturday Sept 24 2022
Sunday Morning Service at Calvary Bible Baptist Church – Sunday September 25, 2022- Guest speaker Sam Gipp
Sunday Evening Service at Bible Baptist Temple –  Bible Conference – Dr. Sam Gipp Sunday 24 2022 6:30pm

Pastor Luis Gomez Service

Hello again family and friends,
On March 26th, 2022 a commemoration service was held in honor of Bible Baptist Temple’s first pastor, Pastor Luis Gomez. We wanted to share this link with you in hopes that you may see the video of this service which was held at Starlight Baptist Church in Florida. The link below is a FaceBook link, which I hope will work for those of you who do not have a Facebook account. Feel free to leave a comment and to pray for Pastor Gomez’s family as they remember their loved one.
May the Lord bless you and keep you as we remember together, God’s wonderful grace on his Church.

Daylight Savings Begins

Every year around this time a most forgettable event takes place that evades our very grid-locked thoughts, and tonight will be no different. This night swiftly flies away each year it’s heavy pounding ticks and it’s almost mocking tocks. Tonight that night has come once again! This is a night that if forgotten you may find yourself in strange places at strange times. Your cellphone will know it but your automobile may be unaware. Yes my dear friends, daylight savings begins tonight…
Spring ahead or be left an hour behind :)!

Pray for Ukraine

Understanding the desperate state of this present world, and the position of the God of the Bible who has created it, followers of Jesus Christ must intercede in prayer for our world. This world’s ultimate end is described in John’s revelation. This world will perish but God’s desire is that none should perish but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). I urge you to take a minute to stop whatever you are doing to pray for Ukraine.

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Anniversary 2022

Dear friends,
You are invited to come and celebrate Bible Baptist Temple’s 48th anniversary. This is our Friend Day Celebration. On Sunday February 27th, the celebration will begin with a combined (English/ Spanish) service held in the sanctuary at 10:00am followed by a lunch in our fellowship hall. Please note that we will not hold any Sunday School classes on this day.

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