Bible Conference 2022 Video

Sunday Night Service at BBT


May I just say “thank you!” Thank you to Dr Sam Gipp for visiting and sharing the word of God with us during this year’s Bible Conference. I would also like to say thank you all who came out and participated in the blessing and in being a blessing with your presence at this past weekend’s conference. Dr Gipp, we have been left with some great biblical challenges to fervently read our Bibles with more frequency, to totally surrender our lives to the able hands of our Lord, and to a remember the great price at which Jesus Christ purchased our earthly plot.


Please feel free to share with us your encouragement after viewing these videos.


Please follow the links for Friday and Saturday sessions of the Bible Conference:
Friday Evening Service at Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church – King James Conference with Sam Gipp – Sept 23, 2022
Saturday Afternoon Service at Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church – King James Conference – Dr. Sam Gipp Saturday Sept 24 2022
Sunday Morning Service at Calvary Bible Baptist Church – Sunday September 25, 2022- Guest speaker Sam Gipp
Sunday Evening Service at Bible Baptist Temple –  Bible Conference – Dr. Sam Gipp Sunday 24 2022 6:30pm

Hope After Death Found in the Gospel



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Sunday, August 16

Pastor Craig Jones

Sunday, August 9

Pastor José O. Rodríguez

Sunday, August 2

Pastor José O. Rodríguez