Following Jesus Christ



13 Discipleship Lessons


1 Salvation

What is my new relationship to God now that I am saved?
This first lesson helps you to understand that through salvation in Jesus Christ you have a new relationship with God. You have become a son or a daughter of the God of the Bible. As a child of God, God now disciples and nurtures you as his own chosen family member. He will complete his work in you as through him you will find cleansing from your sin.  


2 Eternal Security

Can I ever lose my salvation?
After believing on Jesus Christ through faith doubts may arise because of our continued sin. This lesson is aimed to help you deal with these doubts by assuring you that there is absolutely nothing that can separate you from the work of God’s saving grace over. You will understand that you are saved for eternity.

3 Baptism

In terms of obeying God, where should I start?
A new believer should start to obey God in every aspect of his life. Baptism was the first step of Jesus’ ministry and believers are commanded by God to follow God in this same way. In this lesson you will learn the why, who, what, and how of believers baptism.

4 The Holy Bible

What is the Bible and where does it come from?
In this lesson you will learn that you can trust the entire Bible. You will get a glimpse of its uniqueness, its truth, and its inspiration. You will see how it is active and relevant for your life, and most importantly you will grow in your relationship and understanding of God as you learn to apply its principles in everything you do. 

5 Prayer

How important is prayer in my life?
Prayer is simply your direct communication with God. When you read the Bible God speaks to you, but when you pray, you speak to God. In this lesson you will learn that your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ will flourish when you practice a proper prayer life.

6 Dealing with Sin

How do I overcome sin?
Sin is the main problem of humanity and our present world. God has provided a way for us to deal with and even overcome our sin addiction. Yes, this started with Jesus our Savior hanging on the cross as our substitute, but God has not left us to deal with this alone. This lesson explains what sin is and how we can effectively defeat it daily.

7 The Holy Spirit

What are the functions and attributes of the Holy Spirit in my life?
Many people are acquainted with God the Father and God the Son, Jesus Christ, but do they know God’s Holy Spirit? This lesson is an introduction to who the Holy Spirit of God is and what his relationship is to our lives in Christ. This will be your introduction to the third person of God’s Holy Trinity.

8 Other Christians

What is my relationship to other Christians?
As a new believer in Christ your new spiritual family, the Body of Christ, is a new family unit to you. You and all believers form this united family in Christ. In this lesson you will see the importance of this family gathering and how to develop a good working relationship together as a family unit. 

9 The Will of God

What is God’s will for my life?
One of the most asked questions of Christians is this, “What is God’s will for my life?” As a new believer you want to learn to have a successful life of obedience before your heavenly Father. This lesson will guide you into great success in life by teaching you to follow what God wants for your life.

10 The Local Church

Why should I be involved in the local church?
The local church, known as the body of Christ, is one of God’s three major institutions, and its main purpose is to reach the lost and to perfect the saved. God has commissioned the local church for his work. In this lesson you will learn God’s purpose for his Church and why you should be involved in it.

11 Giving

What is the meaning of giving and what are my responsibilities in it?
Jesus says that “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” In fact, Jesus gave his own life as a substitute for the believer, giving more than we could ever intend to repay. In this lesson you will learn that it truly is better to follow this blessed example of Christ by giving to God.

12 Christian Liberty

Am I free to do as I please?
The life of a new believer, the child of God, is one after the heart of God, and the word of God. You have liberty in Christ that must be weighed to see that liberty will positively or negatively affect yourself and others. This lesson will show you how to properly set boundaries for the benefit of God, yourself, and others.

13 Sharing the Gospel

How do I share my new faith with someone else?

If you will consider yourself a Disciple of Christ, then sharing the gospel is one of many means by which a true disciple follows and serves the Lord and those that are lost. This lesson is structured to prepare you to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. You will summarize some thoughts on key scriptures that prepares you to walk through a plan of salvation with someone else.


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