Men’s Fellowship/ Compañerismo Para Hombres

Calvary Bible Baptist Church 746 Norton St, Rochester, NY, United States

MEN'S FELLOWSHIP AT CBBC Come to a men's fellowship at CBBC. It is a very good thing for brothers in Christ to dwell together in unity. Here is YOUR opportunity to promote this godly unity with other men of God. Our brothers at Calvary Bible Baptist Church have invited us to spend a morning of […]

Potluck Sunday/ Almuerzo Compartido

Bible Baptist Temple 706 South Avenue, Rochester, NY, United States

Sunday Potluck Luncheon and Fellowship We invite you to the Sunday luncheon potluck and fellowship today. This luncheon aims to encourage our church to spend time together with God and the family. You are welcome (but not obligated) to bring some lunch for yourself, and your family with a little extra to share with others. […]

Prayer and Fasting– Oración y Ayuno

Bible Baptist Temple 706 South Avenue, Rochester, NY, United States

Day of Prayer and Fasting Today is our day of Prayer and Fasting. We need the Lord our God! Don’t you agree? Our God has been our great guide, and strength for the past 50 years. We need Him more now than ever. Today, let us exercise this same great faith that has sustained us […]

Church Prayer and Vigil– Oración y Vigilia

Bible Baptist Temple 706 South Avenue, Rochester, NY, United States

Church Prayer and Vigil Night Tonight is Church Prayer and Vigil Night at BBT. Whether it's personal closeness to the Lord, a stronger faith in God, or the salvation of a friends and loved ones, we need to diligently go to God for an answer. God expect us to watch and pray! We are God's […]

Youth and Family Gathering– Encuentro de Jóvenes y Familias

Family Home Study 820 Long Pond Rd, Rochester, NY, United States

Youth and Family Gathering This evening is Bible Baptist Temple's (BBT) Youth and Family Gathering. You are invited to join us for a time of family gathering around the word of God, family, and friends. The purpose of this Sunday evening gathering is to encourage youth, friends, and families to a closer relationship with Jesus […]

Church Anniversary Dinner– Cena de Aniversario

Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church 48 South Estate Dr, Webster, NY, United States

Church Anniversary Dinner Tonight is our Church Anniversary Dinner celebrating 50 years of ministry and God's grace with Bible Baptist Temple. We are grateful to God for His great mercy and patience with us over the years. Tonight we will remember how God has been with our church, and ministry work for the last 50 […]