Hope After Death Found in the Gospel



Is death the end of all things? Is there hope after the grave? The Holy Bible which is God’s word provides answers to this life-long question. Without this foundation we may think that death is the end and that there is no hope for life after death.  

Are you looking for HOPE after death? Has the loss of a loved one brought more questions than answers to your heart? This graveside presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a great start for those hurting to find hope through the words of the Holy Bible in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Tito Diaz presents a special graveside Gospel message encouraging HOPE for the hurting in Jesus Christ.
Friend, we urge you to watch this video message of HOPE and contact us at BBT to further encourage you on your road to a healed heart.

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  1. Craig Jones says:

    Praise the Lord for such a message of hope! Thank you pastor Tito.

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